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Up until now, the historically used methods for rust, corrosion, and scale removal have been strong caustics, acids, and mechanical and physical abrasive procedures. For those who experience the unfortunate condition of rust and scale attack, most commonly have used methods for removal that have been costly, inefficient, and hazardous.

PICOCLEAN X-RUST, a pH-neutral, water-based concentrate solution that is safe to use, non-hazardous, and environmentally friendly for the effective removal of rust and scale addresses these issues positively, safely, and economically. PICOCLEAN X-RUST is industry-proven to remove rust and corrosion by returning metal to its original manufactured quality surface appearance in a safe, timely manner without the use of acids, caustics or abrasive physical cleaning attempts.

PICOCLEAN X-RUST passivates the ferrous metal and provides a short term protection after use for post-treatment applications and additional cost efficiencies.

In addition, we also offer PICO RPO (Rust Penetrating Oil) to penetrate and remove light rust from surfaces and leave behind an outstanding barrier to prevent short-term, future attack.

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