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Not all rust and corrosion prevention products are the same or offer the same length or quality of protection.

products are a comprehensive line of innovative, technologically-advanced and field-proven inhibitors to prevent rust from occurring on metal surfaces. PICO rust and corrosion inhibitors minimize downstream issues and improve environmental compliance and conditions.

PICOGUARD inhibitors deliver durable protection for metal and provide steel producers, steel processors, warehouses, and metal service centers and their related industries, increased productivity, profitability, and confidence.

PICOGUARD inhibitors offer short or long term, indoor and outdoor protection on all metal types and in all enviroments, including acid and salt conditions.

PICOGUARD inhibitors are formulated in water, solvent, and oil-based matrices and can be applied by a variety of delivery systems, such as spray, brush, soak, immersion, roller coat, and swab.

PICOGUARD inhibitors are also available as low and non-VOC fluids to help meet the enviromental compliance demands in many areas.



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