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Machine Maintenance Specialties

PICO products cover a broad base of general maintenance chemicals, degreasers, floor cleaners, spray products, machine lubricants, and ancillary items.

Also found in this group are specialized solutions for customers' unique individual application requirements.

Particularly noteworthy are our:

Naturally derived, eco-based fluids
Forge, gear, spindle, way, anti-seize, air tool lubricants and greases
Fire-resistant, anti-wear, rust and oxidation hydraulic fluids
Synthetic quenchants, heat transfer fluids, deicing compounds
Anti-spatter compounds for welding.
Water-based peelable booth coatings
Paint pre-treatment chemicals
|Paint and coating removers
Also see Additonal Specialties

Please Contact Us for particular products or applicaitons not listed.

PICO will custom formulate products for specific volume applications.

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