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PICO Metalworking Solutions provide extended tool life, high-quality finishes, long service life, corrosion protection, low foam characteristics, bio-dynamic equilibrium and safety for workers. They help eliminate “Monday morning odors” as well as the need for tank-side additives.

PICOCOOL Synthetic Coolants are clear, water-based materials (free of oil) and deliver value through exceptional machining characteristics, tramp oil rejection, fine filtering capabilities, cleanliness, bio-stability and skin mildness. PICOCOOL products positively change the way machinists think about synthetic coolants. Applications such as severe diamond, CBN and ceramic abrasive grinding can confidently run the entire gamut of metals, which include ferrous, aluminum, stainless, aerospace, medical, nuclear, and other special alloys.

PICOFORCE Semi-Synthetics offer reliable performance on all metal and composite surfaces in all applications. These clear, water-dilutable, low-oil coolants provide long solution life, exhibit exceptional machining characteristics, extend tool life, fine filtering capabilities, excellent tramp oil rejection, bio-stability, low foam and are mild to skin. PICOFORCE Semi-Synthetics are particularly effective on aluminum and other special alloys.

PICOSOL Soluble Oils offer outstanding tight micro emulsion stability to provide less residues, extend tool life, provide good filtering, bio-stability and are mild to skin. The PICOSOL series are for use on all metal types, including magnesium and space age alloys.

The PICOCUT Straight Oil Series offer chlorine-free formulations and provide regulatory compliance. They provide excellent tool life (in some cases up to 50% more), smooth finishes, low foaming (even under high pressure), low misting, mild odors and clarity to view finished work-pieces and fixtures.


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