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PICO drawing, stamping, and forming fluids provide regulatory and safety compliance without sacrificing performance, perform admirably in severe drawing applications, and successfully eliminate staining and cleaning during down stream processes.

PICO offers a complete line of metalforming fluids for light-duty stamping to multi-stage progressive deep drawing applications on ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces including stainless steel, aluminum alloys, zinc coated, copper/brass, galvanized, and pre-painted sheets.

PICODRAW Synthetic Series feature clear, water-based fluids that outperform oil-based and heavy chlorinated paraffins without the issues such as residues, mixability and cleanability. PICODRAW Synthetics offer substantial performance improvements and cost reductions.

PICOFORM and PICOSTAMP series offer improved tool life and performance while evaporating quickly without leaving residues.

PICOEXTRUD Series offer chlorine-free formulations, improved tool and die life, smooth metal finishes, low foaming, mild odors, and clarity to view finished work-pieces as well as fixtures.

PICOMIST Series are used as received in small quantities for “near dry” machining and cutting applications. Most are formulated with naturally derived lubricants for high lubrication, easy cleaning, and minimal interference on down-stream processes, which help users reduce consumption, lengthen tool life and minimize disposal.

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