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and PICO SOLV Series cover the entire gamut of applications from soak, immersion, low/high pressure spray, ultrasonic, vibratory and general purpose cleaning to remove the widest variety of soils, stains and coatings from a myriad of substrates, including metals, plastics, glass, composites, concrete, etc. PICOCLEAN water-based products are engineered in the entire range of pH values to meet customer requirements and environmental regulations.

PICOCLEAN 5052 is a low temperature cleaner and conditioner for machine tool sump systems.

solvent-based products deliver fast-acting performance without compromise to environmental or operator safety. PICO SOLV NPB is a non-chlorinated, non-flammable, fast evaporating, non-hazardous and enviromentally effective cleaner for industrial use.

PICOPHOS Series cleaners are designed for metal pre-treatment and paint preparation to provide excellent cleaning, and tight phosphate and non-phosphate coatings for superior paint bonding and consistent long term results that improve metal finishing costs and operations.

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