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PICOTREAT Fuel Oil Treatments and Conditioners are multifunctional penetrants, dispersants, emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, and stabilizers designed to liquefy and disperse heavy paraffinic hydrocarbons, i.e., refined crude oils, Bunker C residual oils, asphaltenes, tar and pitch and to improve their associated downstream effects, i.e., slop oil (wax, petroleum fractions) and tank bottoms at ambient temperatures.

PICOTREAT products stabilize hydrocarbon breakdown, reduce and liquefy paraffinic precipitation, prevent gelling, improve viscosities, minimize injector sticking, plugging of lines and filters, enhance corrosion inhibition and control by emulsifying entrained water and sludge.

PICOTREAT products also dissolve, stabilize and reduce (crude oil)
viscosities and dropout and improve flow in lines, filters, preheaters, fuel
injectors and burner orifices for overall efficiency.


• Contain pour point depressants • Stabilize/liquefy crude oil and slop waxes
• Improve equipment service life    • Improve burning stability and material flow
• Increase combustion efficiency • Reduce and prevent sludge and corrosion
• Purge the entire fuel system • Improve environmental compliance  
• Reduce and prevent injector sticking    • Required for periodic cleaning of tanks, lines and equipment


• Petrochemical, crude oil tanks, pipelines • Marine oil and petrochemical tankers
• Refinery furnaces, tar and pitch tanks • Storage and production tank cleaning
• Heat exchangers, columns  
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