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PICOTREAT Coke Oven Gas Cleaners and Anti-foulants are a multifunctional formulation of penetrants, dispersants, emulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors designed to quickly and directly disperse and dissolve sludge and acid corrosive condensate formations in coke oven gas lines and residual burning systems.

PICOTREAT products keep coke oven gas lines, control valves, equipment and burners clean, operational and free of carbon or sticky build-up and contain corrosion inhibiting additives to help prevent equipment repair and replacement from acid attack or impurity build-up.

PICOTREAT products also make coke oven gas usage totally effective and efficient to provide the benefit of fuel savings and improved use capabilities in place of costly natural gas.

PICOTREAT regular use in coke oven gas lines eliminates carbon sludge build-up and helps reduce costly burning/flare-off of coke oven gas and/or the need to use natural gas.


• Extend equipment life

• Efficient fuel utilization

• Reduce/inhibit corrosion  

• Help control emissions

• Increase combustion efficiency

• Remove water and condensate

• Reduce/eliminate natural gas use

• Direct savings to coke producers

• Disperse/dissolve carbon and sludge

• Improve burning stability and flow

• Reduce valve, lance and nozzle clogging

• Reduce maintenance, labor, downtime









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