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PICO is the leader in advanced cleaning technology for the Coatings Industry, which includes manufacturers of paint, ink, resin, adhesives, etc. PICO cleaning solutions are used worldwide to remove fresh or aged coatings build-up from production tanks, reactors, totes, tubs, floors and equipment reliably, quickly, completely and within environmental compliance. PICO provides substantially reduced costs on a per cleaning basis with high performance, reusable, specialty chemical solutions as opposed to other historically-used laborious, time-consuming, hazardous and inefficient methods.

Coatings manufacturers worldwide face many of the same challenges in terms of how to reduce the costs and downtime from activities associated with production vessel/reactor cleaning. See how PICO was featured in respected trade journal Adhesives and Sealants Industry as they engineered a cleaner to help one world-class resin manufacturing plant drive their cleaning time down from 24 hours to 8 hours.


In addition, PICO is involved with many needs outside the coatings plants themselves, as our products are most suitable and successfully used for many coatings removal and stripping needs “downstream”. For producers or end-users of finished products, OEMs, vehicle rehab aftermarket centers and all others whose part of the process may require the stripping of coatings for rework, PICO manufactures many customized formulations for removing paint quickly and efficiently from all surfaces, including both ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces. PICO products are performance-proven in soak, conveyor, high-pressure spray and other paint removal or stripping systems.

The printing industry also finds PICO’s cleaning solutions to be effective for clean-up as well as meeting environmental and safety guidelines. We have products that are employed in the clean-up of equipment, parts, anilox rolls, blankets and presses as well as a complete line of screen washes for the silk screen industry.

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